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Saturday, March 13th, 2010

Emily and Matt are Getting Married !

Emily and Matt are getting Married on April 24th, 2010...

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August 2006

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Sad girls miss museum; a tragedy

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These poor girls in China missed the art museum because it was closed when they got there!




August 2006

Canadian Helihiking! Gary and Marshall Stowell, Paul Okolish and Hal traveled to the Bugaboos in the Purcell Range outside of Banff for a great hiking trip in August 2006. helicopter prepares to take off

This is a "typical" helicopter drop off. we're about to have a barbeque lunch at 11,000 feet on our last hiking day of the trip. we pile out of the helicopter and huddle on the ground until everyone is out and clear - then the chopper pilot takes off and we group up.

it goes backwards on the pickup - we huddle together as a group and then the helicopter swoops in and lands right next to us while we climb on board. very cool!



Monday, October 3rd, 2005

Wecome to Lonas.net, the newly revised and updated family website. We hope to make this more interesting and keep the timely updates coming fast and furious. Lucky Man Finds Geocache

We recently attended a family wedding in Naples, Florida. Emily, Chase, and Rebecca all took a few days off from school to attend with Mom and Dad. We had a great time at the wedding, playing at Florida beaches including Sanibel Island, and with our cousins.








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